Behaviour Driven Development

Hi folks! Amir will be giving a talk on BDD in Java. This is a*must attend* session for anyone serious about the quality and durability of their software systems. Here’s an outline of his talk, hope to see you there:

Behaviour Driven Development drives you process towards keeping the focus on the stakeholder’s goals while discovering new features to implement.

But… what does it mean in a Java project to use BDD? What do I have to change? What tools are available? Can I use it for project with actual deadlines? How the quality will be improved?

jBehave is a framework that helps to implement Behaviour-Driven development in Java. It uses a language called Gherkin that helps to express the feature intention and translate that easily to Java code.

Join us and see how easy is to setup jBehave, how you can start using it in minutes and how will change the way you write software.

The meeting will be 5:30pm Monday January 9th 2012 at the SmartPark Event Centre on the University of Manitoba Fort Garry Campus.

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The venue is a newly constructed three story building which is grey and blue.

Event signup:

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